Dear Online Customers,

We just want to start by thanking each one of you for all your support and encouragement over the last few months during our very stressful time.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to shut down our store in Hout Bay due to legal disputes with the landlords and will shut down the Rondebosch store as well & concentrate on our mother ship in Lakeside.

We are unable to recoup our investment in Hout Bay and this has put us in a terrible financial position, and we have therefore been forced to restructure and readjust to save Organic Zone.

We do believe that bringing it back to basics and concentrating whole heartedly on Lakeside will pay off and help us recover from all the blows.

This means we are going to put online on pause for now. We need to concentrate all our energy on one offering and will perhaps start online again when we are fully recovered and can afford the investment to relaunch.

We will use some of the equipment and fridges from the other stores to increase our offering at the strongest store. It will be easier to restock one store, as opposed to three stores and online.

With all management focused on Lakeside only, we can be far more responsive again while we rebuild our stock levels and improve our food offering.

We just want to thank you all once again for all your patience and understanding.

Warmest regards,
Organic Zone Team