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Welcome to the Organic Zone Website

Organic Zone was established in 2003 as the result of a collective need to bring the best organic fruit and vegetables to environmentally aware customers. Originally an Organic Box Scheme, we now operate 7 days a week from our shop in Lakeside. We supply not only fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, but also a wide variety of organic foods and health products, including nuts, seeds, flours, chocolates, cereals, cosmetics, cleaning products and much more!

Our fresh produce consists of more than 80% certified organic foods, with a preference for biodynamic orientated farmers. All farms that are not certified organic are visited by us for inspection and we have developed established relationships with each of them.

Why Go Organic?

Simply put, it's better for the environment and much better for you!

Organic farming reduces the negative impact of food production by respecting all life of the land, from the wildlife to the micro organisms in the soil. Organic farming results in a healthy soil which produces healthy plants. This in turn causes the plants to be naturally resistant to pests (which are really nature's helpers in eliminating diseased plants).

The benefits of eating organic food are numerous! The fruit and vegetables do not contain pesticides, artificial fertilizers, ripening inhibitors or colour and moisture retainers. In addition, the nutritional value of organic food is higher, as the plants are grown in healthier soils without the artificial stimulation of chemical fertilizers which cause incorrect mineral absorption rates.


Riverside Mall, RONDEBOSCH,


021 685 1929

Trading Hours:

Mon - Fri:
9am - 6pm
Sat, SUN &
Public Holidays:
9am - 5pm