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About Organic Zone

Organic Zone started in 2003 as a box scheme offering customers various size boxes of local and organic fresh fruit and vegetables with the option of delivery.  This was a good way to begin organics, as customers were quite dispersed and it took a whole week to organize enough produce from all over the Western Cape to fill the boxes.

In January 2007 Allister McGregor bought Organic Zone and the business was simplified down to the very basics.  The box scheme was run from the then Olive Station in Muizenberg and the cold room from the Blue Bottle liqueur store was used for cold storage!

In May 2008 Organic Zone moved to the Lakeside shopping centre and entered the retail arena.  The box scheme was phased out as the shop began to grow and more produce became available. 

The store has shown steady growth over the years, despite the many challenges faced.  We still lose suppliers and have breaks in supply on basic foodstuffs, simply because there are not enough organic farms and markets to fully support our suppliers.  But we believe this is changing and that over the next few years there will be a huge shift as the organic customer base grows.


Riverside Mall, RONDEBOSCH,


021 685 1929

Trading Hours:

Mon - Fri:
9am - 6pm

Sat, Sun &
Public Holidays:
9am - 5pm